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Happy Birthday, Navigate! And Happy Birthday, dad.

A little short story about Navigate.

14 years ago, I had the silly idea to create a virtual assistance agency. The idea seemed pretty far fetched for the time, even I thought I was crazy. Next to nobody was doing this yet and the entire thing seemed so daunting to work on by myself, that I did absolutely nothing about it.

I completely gave up on the idea after the birth of my daughter. I had to get back to my corporate job and stop daydreaming about unlikely business ideas.

Fast forward, and life's circumstances have put me on this path once again. And while virtual assistance is now a household topic, with endless options to choose from, I believe each of us is unique and have something amazing to offer the world.

During the conception stages of building this business, I experienced the loss of my beloved father, and namesake of this entire endeavor: Navigate. The meaning is twofold. My father was in the Greek Navy, loved ships and all things nautical. When I was growing up, his home office was adorned with cool knick-knacks and other musings he collected off of ships along the way. The second meaning, is just a fitting representation of the journey I'm about to embark on: helping businesses Navigate their way forward with unparalleled administrative support.

So, on this day, February 3rd, my late father's birthday, I introduce to the world: Navigate VA Solutions.

Captain George, this one's for you. Happy Birthday, dad.

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