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A note from Amanda, founder of Navigate Virtual Solutions

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Welcome! I’m Amanda - executive assistant, mother, wife, daughter, sister and more recently,  founder of Navigate VA Solutions. It's so great to virtually meet you! 

I started this endeavor because I'm passionate about helping people like you succeed. And I'm ready to take on the challenge of providing amazing support and flexible options to business owners who are big on ideas, but short on time. 

There is a need to fill; we are more distracted and slowed down by administrative tasks than ever. Various sources cite a whopping 30-40% of our workday is handed over to details such as managing email and calendars. Can you imagine what you could do with an extra set of hands and 2-3 hours of your day back?

I understand the challenges you're facing, and I am confident that you're on the right path. Our assistants are experts at stepping in and taking over,  making things more efficient, and giving you the time to get back to pursuing your passions - or simply just giving you room to breathe.

We take our partnership with you seriously, and truly believe that your success is our success. I'm so glad you’re here.  I look forward to speaking with you and finding you the most amazing assistant soon!

All my best,


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